We make enquiries and advocate action on various issues that may affect residential care units (run by public or private providers). For example:

NDIS April 2016.

We are currently looking into the possibility of  holding a mini-forum with a guest speaker to explain NDIS – the why, how and when, and how this will affect residents.

Rent increases March 2016.

We reacted to the Department of Housing’s announcement of intended rent increases. (Several group homes are on DoH property). Consequently Stephen Dawson (shadow Disability Minister) raised the issue for us in parliament.

April 2015 Union campaign.

In response to concerns raised at the WA Disability Forum, CARDgroup supported both private and public sector unions in their call for: comprehensive pre-employment screening, strengthening the complaints system, training in recognising and dealing with abuse, an extension of whistle-blower legislation to all direct care workers, and also a halt to further privatisation of DSC group homes until proper safeguards are in place across the sector. (In a later meeting with DSC CARDgroup also raised the possibility of an employment register, similar to a Working With Children card)

Why Fix It.

This was/is our response to DSC’s announcement of their intent to ‘transition’ the majority of their group homes. We call for more transparency and accountability for the policy and its implementation. We have objected to enforced privatisation, especially with the (then) minister of Disability’s catch cry of ‘its all about choice’. Most of our group come from an era that fought hard for the establishment of group homes, for DSC to be set up and for Disability becoming a ministry in its own right. The majority of our group connected to DSC group homes are more than a little miffed that this government has been so dismissive of their ideal choice – same home same staff – and feel ‘if it ain’t broke why fix it’.