Member get-together


Wednesday 29th Nov. 9.30 am

New faces also welcome.

The last get-together / meeting for 2017 .

No Cost. A plate of morning tea will be welcome but no obligation.

6th floor. 445 Hay St Perth

(opposite Red Cat Victoria Ave bus stop)




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Meeting with Minister For Disabilities

22nd November 2017

Last week Stephen Dawson offered a warm welcome to ten of our group. Topics included:

Transition (forced privatisation of DSC group homes)

1.Gratitude for Stephen fulfilling his promise to halt Transition, as promised when shadow minister.

2.Transition’s legacy.

3. Call for assessment/enquiry into the Transition process, to prevent similar issues arising again.


Issues raised but time did not allow for discussion. Stephen agreed to have his staff follow up.

1. Lack of age-appropriate accommodation facilities for younger physically disabled adults.

(Aged Care facilities cope with the physical but not mental, emotional  or social needs)

2.The issue of ‘the too hard basket’. What will happen when an individual cannot have his/her needs met by an NGO.



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Press conference at Parliament House

CARD was invited to attend a press conference at parliament house on Sunday in April.
The press conference is being called by the ALP – both Mark McGowan and Stephen Dawson will be speaking.
The ALP has called this press conference in response to the recent revelations about the lack of safeguards in WA to protect people with disabilities from abuse and neglect – most especially in non- government services. Mark McGowan will be announcing his intention to introduce legislation to require pre-employment screening for people who work in disability services. Of course Labor alone does not have the numbers to get it up.
Kelly Shay , from the United Voice Union has spent a long time lobbying for this and has invited CARD to address the event. which will be at 10am on Sunday on the steps of Parliament House.
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ADHC Respite Centre

We are happy to find that C.A.R.D. is not the only group in Australia concerned about the privatisation of accommodation and services in Australia. In New South Wales, the group ADHC Families was set up in response to the NSW government’s plans to privatise ADHC Respite Centre’s.
Our aim is to provide information and raise awareness about the Baird Government’s plan to privatise ADHC’s Respite Centres, Group Homes, Aged Care and associated services. Instead of increasing our options, our right to choose to stay with ADHC is being removed. Parents are being pressured to transfer to private providers and told there are ‘no guarantees’ that government run services will continue to be available in the coming years.
For more information, please visit
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